Ethical Guidelines

Our bureau operates under the following guidelines.

‘Good ethics is good business.’
'Good ethical behavior is our business strategy.’

  • We comply with all the laws of Kenya and specially as laid down in the Central Bank of Kenya Act.
  • We will not knowingly assist any party to violet any laws of Kenya (by falsifying documents or any other means).
  • We will honor all business obligations and transactions with absolute integrity.
  • We will keep accurate business records, so as to reflect the true nature of our business transactions.
  • We will not pay or receive bribes or participate in any unethical fraudulent or corrupt practices.
  • Our Managers and Officers will be responsible for ensuring that all employees are familiar and comply with applicable laws and policies, they will be responsible for preventing, detecting and reporting any violations of laws or policies.
  • Our staff will not become involved in situations that create a conflict of interest between the bureau and the employee.
  • Our staff will be free to report any case where they face a questionable situation to the Manager or the Directors. Each case will be handled in confidence to the extent possible. In all cases employees are forbidden from retaliation.






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